Tips For Picking a Unique Dog Name

Tips For Picking a Unique Dog Name

When naming your dog, most people choose a very common name, such as Ace or Luke. But why not invent a more exclusive name for your wonderful new dog? A unique name has more meaning and can really help your dog to be yours. Finding and choosing a unique name can be a real challenge, which is why most people prefer to use a generic dog name. But with just a little work and a little research, homework can be an easy task, which you might end up liking.

The first step in finding that perfect name is a step that is often overlooked or forgotten. Many people get so caught up in finding the right name that they never take time to get to know their dog. Knowing your new dog and his unique personality will help you find the right name tremendously. So take some time to play with your dog and get a good idea of it’s personality. When you notice how your dog acts when he does a treatment, does he go up and down or wait patiently for his treatment? Traits like these can be very helpful on the way, as it provides lots of information about your dog’s activity level. Once you feel that you really know your dog, it’s time to start your search by name.

Before you start researching, remember that there are literally hundreds of thousands of names to choose from, so do not be distracted or notice the first one you are with. Try to keep in mind your wonderful new dog as it is he who will suffer the consequences of his choice. And always remember to have a handy writing utensil during the search and write down each name that appears. There is nothing worse than finding the perfect one and then slipping your memory the next day, so remember to write it down! You can refer to some great online tools that will help you find your perfect dog name – click here.

Tips For Picking a Unique Dog Name

Coming with ideas can be the most difficult part of the whole process, so asking for a little help is never a bad idea. Start by asking your friends or family for ideas, you never know they can have great ideas. Then look in your public library for some name books, even baby name books can be helpful. Another great source is the Internet. Search for your favorite search engine. Many of the sites you will find will have thousands of names that you can rate. Make a list of the names you like best and feel that they match your dog. I also recommend looking at a website that has pictures of dogs with their names to see what other people called the dog and how the dog is. This will give you an idea of ??how common are the names you have chosen and also gives you an idea of ??how each one can adapt to the look of a dog.

Know that you have your list of names, it’s time to take a test. Try calling your dog to each name and see how it reacts. Also keep in mind how you feel when you say the name out loud, as you are likely to say that name often while training your new dog. Review each name on your list and find the one your dog seems to like and the one that seems most appropriate. If none of the names you selected work, look for a little more. It may take a little effort and patience to find the right name, but I guarantee it will be worth it in the end. Good luck and have fun with your new dog!

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