The Need of Turnkey PCB Assembly

The Need of Turnkey PCB Assembly

What Is Turnkey PCB Assembly?

The basic meaning of turnkey PCB assembly is that the PCB is not completely assembled; instead the customer has to assemble it with minimal effort. The user only provides minimal information and the PCB assembler buys and collects all the parts, assembler it to larger extent and then sends it to the customer partly unfinished and the customer finalizes the PCB himself. This model is used in various other products other than PCB too. The simplest example of it that we can find is children’s bicycles, mostly they are shipped in parts and the customer assembles the major parts himself or herself. Similarly furniture is packages like this as well. We can directly compare these two examples with PCB, the little and more crucial parts of the PCB are assembled by the manufacturer and send to the client. He then puts all the pieces together and develops the product. It is important to note here that the parts which the customer has to put together himself are normally very easy to be assembled. Now, there is also a type of turnkey PCB assembly called semi-turnkey PCB assembly in which the buyer also purchases some of the material and the PCB manufacturer doesn’t do everything on his own.

Where Turnkey Is Available And Why We Need It?

China PCB fabrication and assembly is always utilized to reduce the transport costs. It is done so that maximum equipment can be fit in a smaller space so that space and weight cost of the shipping can be reduced. Now as we know that manufacturing cost for all the products in China is even lesser than half of the manufacturing price in U.S. Therefore, to provide maximum advantage and lesser expensive final products to users, some companies have manufacturing assemblies in China.

The Need of Turnkey PCB Assembly

China PCB fabrication and assembly is the most effective solution to the printed circuit board manufacturers. The PCB material and IC’s are send from the US to ensure the quality of products, the manufacturing is then done in china. PCB assembly in China is not only a cost-effective solution; it also enables the manufacturers to increase their quality, still within the less-cost solution. In PCB assembly industry, cost is the key factor. Low cost PCB assembly is the bread and butter of all modern electronic companies. The lesser the cost of PCB assembly, lesser will be the cost of an electronic device.

These days the cost of PCB design depends upon the size of the PCB, layers of the PCB, complexity, high speed and thermal characteristics. For simpler PCB’s most of the industry dealing is done is some dollars per unit area. Reducing the price without an effect on the quality attracts more customers. To reduce the cost of PCB assembly means reducing the cost of PCB components or reducing the number of components in an altogether smarter approach which depends on us.

Turnkey PCB assembly is a perfect answer to the problems of cost of production and shipping for most of the customer as it reduces the shipping and production costs sharply with the disadvantage that the client or buyer has to put some effort in.

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