Eight Teak Furniture Materials for Building the Perfect Room

Is it drab, ordinary, lacking of a natural flare? Does it leave you with options to exercise your creativity? Or is it bulky, heavy, unattractive, and not as durable as you would like it to be? Too often, consumers pay too much for poorly versatile and limited quality furniture, only to be displeased when the room is finally set up. For whatever reason, the furniture doesn’t look as good as it did in the showroom. It is hard to maneuver and will only fit in a certain position.
Stop banging your head against the wall. The next time you want to furnish a room with new furniture, choose teak furniture from a reputable teak furniture wholesaler. Here are eight materials that make for durable and aesthetically pleasing selections:

1. Unfinished Teak: If you select unfinished teak for your teak furniture needs, then you are betting on natural oils, which protect the wood from harmful bacteria and fungus that too often plagues all natural materials. It is also resistant to extreme dryness or excessive moisture.

2. Synthetic: Synthetic makes a great choice for your teak furniture because it withstands the effects of ultraviolet light and salt water for many years, while maintaining its beautiful color that drew you to the product in the first place.

3. Kooboo Grey: Kooboo grey is a mud-soaked rattan material that produces a beautifully striking darker color for your teak furniture selections. Any reputable teak furniture wholesaler will offer this material of growing popularity in their catalogue.

4. Abaca: Made from the black banana tree, abaca is a teak furniture material sun-dried and twisted to elegant furnishing perfection. The twist of abaca produces an amazing strength not found in other materials, while adding nothing significant to the weight of the product.

5. Banana Natural: Banana Natural’s white or beige colors make it the perfect accessory to any room. Resembling the abaca with its origin and twist, the Banana Natural material will give you a product that stands the test of time and weather. Perfect for teak outdoor table.

6. Brankas Water Hyacinth: This material has a more fragile solidarity than other options available to you, but Brankas Water Hyacinth can provide a comfort unlike any other for your teak furniture needs. Dried in the sun for a beautiful light brown or yellow color, this material also doesn’t skimp on the beauty.

7. Flat Water Hyacinth: Perfect with a dark brown color and black or brown wash, you will want to put Flat Water Hyacinth in your living or dining room. Not only is it beautiful, but it is also stronger and more durable than Brankas because of its braiding.

8. Rattan Croco: Rattan Croco has a big cut and a darker color. Made from the skin of the ever-popular rattan material, Croco is versatile when it comes to final color selection, and it offers greater strength and durability making it a perfect fit for your TV room or dining area.

No matter what option you choose, pick teak furniture from a reputable teak furniture wholesaler for your home furnishing needs.

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