Different Types of Manufacturing Software

Different types of manufacturing software

Manufacturing software is a modern tool that helps manufacturing companies keep track of their operations. This type of software has the ability to perform all sorts of functions that will help the manufacturing process to proceed smoothly. This process begins with the purchase and delivery of raw materials for the production process and the fulfillment of customer orders. There is manufacturing software that will help keep your business on target. While there are many different types of manufacturing software, three major types are the most essential and most popular for electronic manufacturing companies in California.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

This is the oldest one that is still in use today. A newer version in use today is based on the foundation known as Manufacturing Resource Planning 2 (MRPII) manufacturing software. The basic function is designed to be an asset to the customer service and sales efforts of the company. Basically, it will allow manufacturing software to track contracts during the sales cycle. It will keep details about recurring or permanent orders and will have room to keep a complete information file about each customer the company owns. This software will also provide assistance in purchasing raw materials, material planning and observing the current stock.

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

This type of software enters the actual production process. It focuses on such matters as actual production planning for different commodities to be produced, engineering processes for production, and scheduling of products and personnel. It is also involved in the effective management and creation of quality control procedures and processes. This goes from taking care of the raw stock to the steps involved in the manufacturing process. It even goes for finished products that are packed and stored to send to customers.

Different types of manufacturing software

Process Control

This type of software sounds as if it were involved in the production process, but focuses on the maintenance and selection of the machines used to transform the raw stock into the finished products sold by the company. This software can help the company identify new machines to integrate the manufacturing process. That would add another way to improve the quality of the finished products. It could also be to replace the outdated machinery.

No company produces all three forms of software manufacturing. A manufacturing company will need to work with different suppliers to get the right manufacturing software for your company. The use of manufacturing software has made it possible for these companies to offer quality products in larger quantities and remain competitive with other companies. In later developments in manufacturing, the software will offer more ways for manufacturers to produce goods in larger quantities and have the same level of quality.

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