5 Benefits of Freight Forwarder

5 Benefits of Freight Forwarder

For every organization, the freight services is very important. Companies dealing in large number of products and service need freight service in the best possible manner. Why a company should hire a freight service?

Freight Forwarder creates a bridge between you and your customer. They only prefer on-time service and that is why want to give your customer the best service because it will also reflect their service too. So, you can meet all the requirements of the customers. So, it will help your business to grow and get the definite result.

They value you and your customers and that is why they take care of the products and services. The products will reach to the customers’ safe handedly without any damage. It will definitely get the best solution.

They offer Freight Estimate on the base of quantity and they do not charge more. They always offer competitive price and you will not get any problem. So, make sure you will get 100% result without any problem and this will definitely create a great solution for your pockets.

5 Benefits of Freight Forwarder

They are very much popular in customer care service and available 24×7 to give you genuine services. So, you should feel free to talk with the customer care executive and you will get more desired result. They are ready to answer your entire question and happy to help you any time and from anywhere.

Trained staffs are really cool to serve you the best and you will get more prominent result. They are quick in their response and you will get more definite result. You will find a genuine service from the trained staff and you should always be ready to use this service and grow your customer range without a second thought.

What’s next? Now, you have come to know the advantages of Freight Forwarder service it is time to conduct a thorough research. This research will help you find the service provider of your choice and you should find a great solution. All you need is to find a good service provider who can give you quality service and you will get positive result. The research is a good practice to find quality service at the best price and you do not have look here and there. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and you must gain success.

Before you choose the freight forwarder from China to USA, you need to compare the competitive price. It will help you understand what the actual market of the freight service is and whether you are choosing the right one or not. It will give you the confidence to find the right services at the right time and you can definitely grow your business successfully.

Outsourcing Manufacturing – Make Sure YOU Understand the Total Costs

Outsourcing Manufacturing - Make Sure YOU Understand the Total Costs

In the increasingly competitive global marketplace, manufacturers need to continually strive to reduce costs to keep or increase market share. This is one of the key factors in making the decision of whether to make parts in-house, outsource to domestic suppliers, or outsource offshore.

Even after a company makes the decision to outsource to a supplier, most don’t look beyond the quoted unit price in making the decision about which supplier to select. This is especially true when comparing the quotes for domestic vs. offshore suppliers. Some companies choose to outsource offshore because the price is cheaper than a domestic supplier. They don’t add in the costs for transportation, much less all of the other “hidden costs” of dealing with an offshore supplier.

In order to make the correct decision for outsourcing, a company needs to understand the concept of “total cost of ownership” for outsourcing manufacturing.

What is “Total Cost of Ownership?” It is an estimate of the direct and indirect costs and benefits related to the purchase of any part, subassembly, assembly, or product. The Gartner Group originated the concept of (TCO) analysis several years ago, and there are a number of different methodologies and software tools for calculating the TCO for various industries, products, and services.

Outsourcing Manufacturing - Make Sure YOU Understand the Total Costs

Total Cost of Ownership includes much more than the purchase price of the goods paid to the supplier. For the purchase the types of manufactured products we are considering, it should include all of the other costs associated with the purchase of the goods, such as:

· Geographical location
· Transportation alternatives
· Inventory costs and control
· Quality controls
· Reserve capacity
· Responsiveness
· Technological depth

The search for low cost areas for manufacturing isn’t something new. Fifty years ago, northern and New England companies started moving manufacturing to the southern states. Twenty-five years ago, many West Coast manufacturers started moving high-volume production to Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines. The next lower cost area was Mexico with the advent of the maquiladoras in Mexico.

“Offshoring” refers to relocating one or more processes or functions to a foreign location. For the past 15 years, many manufacturers have sought to reduce costs by outsourcing manufacturing to China. In the last decade, outsourcing offshore has evolved from a little-used practice to a mature industry. Even conservative companies are now willing to experiment with going offshore to gain a competitive edge. The concept of globalization has become part of the fabric of today’s business.

Many times, the decision to outsource offshore is based on faulty assumptions that can have unpleasant consequences. In some cases, the basis for the decision is well intentioned, such as to win new business by being close to a customer.

Lean Manufacturing Consultant

Lean Manufacturing Consultant

Companies of all sizes are now implementing lean manufacturing. Businesses as small as a dentist office are blogging about using lean manufacturing techniques to improve the process and lower costs.

If a company is contemplating hiring a lean manufacturing consultant, they probably need one. If the expertise does not exist within the corporation, valuable time will be lost and money spent unnecessarily until the lean manufacturing consultant is hired.

If the company has lean manufacturing expertise in-house, the question then becomes one of execution and implementation. Can the in-house expert execute the lean implementation plan within the required time frame and budget? Additionally, will the expert receive the required management commitment to implement lean manufacturing?

It is common to see organizations hire a consultant and commit the resources that otherwise not be committed. Is that fair to the in-house consultant? No, but as they say, “it is what it is”. If it takes an outside lean manufacturing consultant to launch a system of massive waste elimination and value creation, does it really matter in the long run?

From a corporate view, all that matters is that the waste elimination occurs and value is created.

Lean manufacturing consultants are often good at motivating the organization into action. Sure, one reason is the corporation is paying for services so it is more compelled to make the most of it. Also, unless the lean manufacturing consultant is going to be paid to wander around, the corporation will probably make a concerted effort to implementation.

If the organization has an in-house lean manufacturing expert and top management commitment, the only reason to hire an outside lean manufacturing consultant would be for additional resources or ideas. A good outside consultant has seen many improvements in various types of organizations with different products. The consultant has undoubtedly witnessed or been involved with a few failures, and thus has the experience and knowledge to prevent or minimize it.

The first step in determining the need for a lean manufacturing consultant is an operational analysis. All areas of the organization should be assessed, including manufacturing, maintenance, engineering, shipping, purchasing, administration, and sales. The magnitude of the waste should be quantified.

Lean Manufacturing Consultant

Upon completion of the assessment, the need for a lean manufacturing consultant will become transparent.

It is critical for the organization and managers to keep an open mind. This cannot be mandated, but encouraged through written examples, benchmarking visits to and from other companies with successful lean manufacturing implementations.

It is not uncommon for a good lean manufacturing consultant to reduce cost of good sold by 10%. This extremely large number should not be shown to the entire organization up front. It shouldn’t be hidden, but any large number would initially bring fear into the organization.

All lean manufacturing implementations should be preceded with a promise of no job loss as a result. The company should be up front and hones about waste elimination, job combinations, and position elimination, but should also commit to keeping all employees through the process.

Obviously, potential outside circumstances would not permit a guarantee, but if a corporation wants total involvement and maximum success, they will not put people out of work as a result of a lean manufacturing initiative.

When positions are eliminated through lean manufacturing tools, those employees should become part of the 5S or kaizen teams. This only increases the resources and focus enabling more waste elimination.

Almost all successful lean implementations will lead to business growth, enabling the displaced workers to again become direct labor.

When companies “do the right thing”, they are almost always rewarded. The excellent morale and pervasive commitment will fuel additional business, products, or markets.

Using Holidays to Do Some Product Sourcing

Using Holidays to Do Some Product Sourcing

If you enjoy going on holiday and traveling to different places around the country or world why not use some of that time or if you want all of the time to do some bits of product sourcing? Now many of you will be thinking hey this is a holiday and no one, and that includes everyone would want to go out looking for new products and product lines.

All we want to to is enjoy the hot weather, the beach (or countryside), good food, and spending sometime looking for that cool item for some friends and family as everyone does when they come back from a holiday. Things you can only find in that area.

Well has the penny dropped yet? Yes you are on holiday, yes you will have fun, but most people keep a look out for that unique gift to buy a loved one, something that looks good, but is unique to the area you are taking a holiday in. Sometimes these items are mass produced, made in China type of products, while others are hand crafted items, made with loving care by local people and the craft has been handed down by past generations. Both of these type of products will work.

If you love Amazon product sourcing and it is part of you and part of your business, then doing product sourcing while away on holiday will not harm you. In fact it will be fun, and maybe it could mean even more trips to your favorite holiday resorts a year, you know just to source a few more lines (and take in a bit of the local sun and food).

Using Holidays to Do Some Product Sourcing

Anyway once you have find a product that stands out for you, the best way forward is to buy a few pieces to take home with you, to do a test market on Amazon. But while you are in the market or shop talk with the owner, or craft maker and explain (most speak good English if you are in another country and if they they do not they often have a son or daughter who will help). Explain to these people how you love the product and say you maybe able to sell quite a bit of it where you live.

You only need to tell them the bare facts : You love the product, you may want to buy more, and ask would they be willing to ship it to your country. If you get a good response from them then ask about prices. Once you have all this information, move on. Keep looking, buy a few samples from another place and wash and repeat.

Once back home, put items up for sale and if they sell for a good price, make contact with the supplier and start the ball rolling.

And just maybe you might have to go out there and sort some paperwork out and enjoy the food and weather.

Top Global Sourcing Issues When Planning For Growth

Top Global Sourcing Issues When Planning For Growth

When businesses plan for rapid growth to take advantage of favorable market conditions, the easiest path is often to consider global sourcing. Indeed many companies have done it with great success. We come across many items of our daily use that invariably have tabs announcing their place of manufacture in some distant land. You would often find a third world country offering competitive sourcing advantage. There will always be multiple factors that need consideration before a sourcing plan is implemented. However, here’s a quick look at some of the most critical.

Final Cost at the Destination

It is easy to be overjoyed to find that a product can be manufactured at a really low price in a low cost country. However, you need to remember that the unit cost in the country of procurement is not the same as the total landed cost. That needs to incorporate the cost of logistics, customs duty and taxation, banking fees, cost of capital and insurance, as well as any brokerage services that are required. You may have to deal with examination charges by customs as well as fumigation fees. Supply chain hitches may require additional charges for expediting freight or added cost of carrying inventory.

Quality assurance

When planning out a sourcing products for Amazon strategy, product quality assumes critical importance. This is because the management is now removed from the actual place of manufacture by thousands of miles, time zones, and cultures that might make communication of quality expectations very difficult. Poor quality will have an immediate effect on the reputation of the company due to dissatisfied customers. You will also need to devote considerable resources to handle returns, a process few companies are well-equipped to take care of. When looking out for suppliers in LCCs, it pays to tie up with those who are reputed for delivering quality and nurturing relationships.

Top Global Sourcing Issues When Planning For Growth

Practicality of Logistics

Even the greatest of global sourcing strategies will come to naught if the goods procured in an LCC cannot be easily, quickly, and cheaply transported to the destination. You need to examine whether there are good communication links to the nearest airport or seaport, and that the goods can be thereafter transported to the various destinations. You also need to find out an alternate logistical arrangement in case the primary seaport or airport is not available due to issues such as natural calamities or political disturbances.

Trade Regulations

It is easy to let your excitement regarding cost-advantage overcome the need to examine government regulations that can severely affect the attractiveness of a procurement country. Find out if there are embargoes or quota restrictions that could completely derail your global sourcing plans. Do examine all the documentation requirements necessary for U.S. Customs, and whether any incentives are allowable on imports from specific countries.

Supplier Responsiveness

Apart from financial consideration, increasingly global sourcing decisions are being based on issues like responsiveness to market demands and conditions. If your supplier is unable to quickly ramp up deliveries to meet seasonal peaks, it could very well translate to a loss of market share and vital revenues. Often products require slight tweaking due to changes in styles and fads. It is important that the identified LCC supplier is able to move in tandem and adjust supplies.

Functions of Sourcing Companies

Functions of Sourcing Companies

Globalization has reduced trade boundaries and companies of different geographical existence are competing with each other to survive in the market. As a result, they have to be very careful as to the quality they are delivering and the price they are charging. While quality has to be excellent, price should be competitive. Given the constantly changing economical scenario in the local procurement business, even the biggest companies are falling prey to uncertainty. This is where product sourcing companies step in.

Maintaining strong relationship with suppliers has become difficult in the ever changing economic condition. Whenever companies start looking at the quality of the product they are sourcing from abroad, chances are their relationship with the suppliers might become strained. A company can save up to twenty percent of its expenses if it approaches the right kind of sourcing company. In order to attain competitive advantage on a global basis and maintain long lasting relationship with suppliers, sourcing companies should be approached. Sourcing companies do lengthy research and find out local sources that are found at reasonable prices, organize the supply chain management, develop new forms of competency in the company, build supplier relationship and boost cross-functional collaboration.

Here are a few functions of sourcing companies:

# Find out local suppliers

Sourcing companies have to primarily identify suppliers of products at low price. The task of identifying low price suppliers is often restricted by problems relating to quality, logistics and availability. The estimated demand may change due to conditions of the market; procurement of raw material should move in alliance to the fluctuation in this demand.

Functions of Sourcing Companies

# Create relationship with supplier

Strategic sourcing is not equal to searching globally for the least expensive materials. It is the responsibility of the product sourcing companies to maintain good relationship with supplier companies in order that clients receive benefits. The benefits that clients of sourcing companies receive because of the strong relationship maintained by them with suppliers are cost benefit, quality-control and in time deliveries of products. A positive relationship inculcates an image of positivity among all the parties, namely, sourcing company, supplier and the client company.

# Finding out new possibilities

Companies are not always farsighted regarding the processes used for sourcing raw materials or even products. By taking the help of China sourcing company, an organization can get specialized information on the procedure that should be used. Since, sourcing companies deal with many clients they are aware of problem solving techniques and modify strategies of sourcing according to requirements of clients. Since, sourcing companies are constantly exposed to changing environment of procurement; they are at a better position to come up with new techniques and perspectives. These perspectives are used to improve parameters that govern quality, quantity, logistics and cost. They can find out problems and suggest substitute methods of improving delivery.

Hence, to succeed in this rapidly changing economic environment, it is essential for a global trader to take the help of product sourcing companies that can render expert knowledge and service in this field.

LED Lights are Better than Other Lights

LED Lights are Better than Other Lights

LED is a renowned name in the field of lights and lighting technologies. Their innovative methods have given them immense fame in the market. Today, LED is not simply utilized for showcase lighting. Exceptional testimony methods have made it conceivable to transform a great deal more shine Light Emitting Diode.

Utilization of LED is especially prescribed for:

  • Outdoor area lights
  • Down lights
  • Task lights
  • Cove lights
  • Automobile lights
  • Christmas tree decoration

LED light has been utilized for mass uses and capacities like Olympic Games and astoundingly enormous Christmas tree behind the Turku Cathedral in Finland.

Although the primary expense for introducing Light Emitting Diode-based lighting gadgets is more than fluorescent or radiant bulbs, the expense is reimbursed through less electricity utilization and more life span over a period of time. Of course there are much cheaper LED lights and Led Christmas lights available from Christmas lights wholesale China. A normal LED bulb has a normal life of 8,000 hours contrasted with glowing bulb that has a normal life of 1,000 hours. Likewise, bulbs keep up their light force momentously well all through their lifetime. As per Energy Star Specifications, the power utilized by the bulbs should not drop below 10% of the total power consumption, ranging up to 6000 MW per month. The specifications also state that the power consumption should not go above 15% also.

LED Lights are Better than Other Lights

In any case, it is accepted that smart utilization of solar powered LED would decrease energy utilization in a noteworthy manner. Pollution caused by severe CO2 emission has forced the manufacturers to go into overdrive mode and produce these solar LED. Utilization of solar powered light could be used to avert the risk. It is evaluated that around 19% of total electricity consumed in a year comes under the LED used nowadays. The lights consume around 75 to 80 percent less energy than fluorescent counterparts.

There is still room for huge changes in modern LED-based innovation. For example, phosphor is utilized to discharge a more extensive wavelength of light. But this may result in increased consumption of electricity and power. As an outcome, leading LED makers are taking a shot at different experiments to enhance performance of LED including tending to issues postured by the utilization of phosphor.

The state needs to contribute on pushing LED-based as concern towards eco-accommodating environment is no all the more simply a trademark. It is basic that state issues rules that make utilization of LED lights obligatory for all road, asylum lighting, and shade lighting purposes among others.

Led Light Manufacturer

Led Light Manufacturer

Many a time shopping becomes difficult in malls due to intense lighting. We often make wrong choices and feel sorry. For this reason, numerous shopping complexes are now using Led Lights to make you shop better. These green lights have become very popular for commercial utility. As this involves no flash, no UV and no mercury, it is also used in offices for creating healthy work environment.

LED lighting manufacturer offer these lights in wider choices that include high quality bulbs, tubes, lamps, downlights, spotlights, panel lights and types of ceiling lights. The LED Lights manufacturer in China use global standards in creating high quality ranges. These are mainly CE, FCC, TUV, RoHS, INTERTEK and UL certification. The revolutionary lights based on latest green technology are good for your eyes and last long. The best part of the lights is that these are economical.

The LED light manufacturer China uses cutting edge technology to make their products cost effective. This high standard Led lighting technology is gradually replacing conventional CFLs as well as mercury tubes in the market. The product is known for its exceptional controllability in the industry. These help in substantial power saving in offices and large shopping complexes. It is the most recommended incandescent light technology today around the world.

Led Light Manufacturer

Highly diligent technocrats of LED Lights Manufacturer in China ensure you get the best design, technology and price in LED lighting. They frequently update their resources to produce cost effective indoor bulbs and tubes for houses, offices and shops. The main aim of the manufacturers is to provide innovative range of products to the global consumers.

For more information and more reviews on the product, surf the Internet. It is the number one LED Bulbs Manufacturer. It manufactures all its products in the superior quality control system and dust free workshop. So use this premium lighting technology as much as possible in the commercial buildings for providing better shopping environment. These highly efficient and eco friendly products are in huge demand all over the world. All the customers who are using these products have not turned up with any complaint. Hence the product is definitely worth buying. It offers full value for what you invest. No doubt it is slowly paving the way for a greener and happier planet in the universe.

The Manufacturing Techniques For Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards or PCBs as they are called are specially made circuit boards that are widely used for different types of electrical equipments nowadays. PCBs are normally used for supporting and automatically connecting the different types of connected electronic components in a board. Examples of electronic components that are used for the PCB’s include capacitors and resistors. The various types of electronic components are properly connected through the conductive pathways, signal traces and tracks that are etched neatly from the sheets of copper laminated onto the non conductive substrate. The boards that consist of these conductive as well as non conductive pathways are sometimes referred to as the Printed Wiring Boards (PWB). After the electronic and wiring components have been connected to the board, the Printed Circuit Board or Printed Wiring Board is now referred to as a Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA), a Printed Circuit Assembly (PCA) or simply a Printed Circuit Board.

Printed Circuit Boards are widely preferred for making different types of electronic devices and systems. They are extremely reliable while at the same time being quite inexpensive. Although the initial costs for making them may be a bit high as the whole layout needs much time, effort and resources, in the long run PCBs are much more cost effective than many of the other types of electronic systems. They can also be manufactured and produced much quicker. This makes them perfect for large scale production within a short span of time. The quality parameters of these PCBs are often monitored and decided upon by leading boards and organizations that determine the overall structure and nature of these systems.

While manufacturing PCBs, most of the PCB manufacturing companies in China produce the printed circuits by bonding a layer of copper over the substrate. In some cases they bond the copper layer on both surfaces to create a blank PCB. The unwanted copper components are then removed once the temporary mask is applied by etching. It only leaves the traces of the copper that were meant to stay on the PCB units. Sometimes a process known as multiple electroplating is used to create these boards, depending on whether the volume that is to be produced is meant for being Sample/Prototype or for the actual production volume. This process involves adding traces of a thin layer of copper as a substrate onto the surface of the bare substrate.

A number of different methods can be used for removing the unwanted portions of the copper from the surface of the boards during the manufacturing of the PCBs. Usually, silk screen printing methods and photographic methods are used for creating PCBs that are meant for commercial usage. If the units are meant to be used for smaller scale projects, then production techniques like laser printed resist, laser resist ablation, print onto transparent films can be used for creating these boards. Another popular technique is by using the CNC-mill systems. With these systems, the common methods employed are silk screen printing, milling and photoengraving.

The Need of Turnkey PCB Assembly

The Need of Turnkey PCB Assembly

What Is Turnkey PCB Assembly?

The basic meaning of turnkey PCB assembly is that the PCB is not completely assembled; instead the customer has to assemble it with minimal effort. The user only provides minimal information and the PCB assembler buys and collects all the parts, assembler it to larger extent and then sends it to the customer partly unfinished and the customer finalizes the PCB himself. This model is used in various other products other than PCB too. The simplest example of it that we can find is children’s bicycles, mostly they are shipped in parts and the customer assembles the major parts himself or herself. Similarly furniture is packages like this as well. We can directly compare these two examples with PCB, the little and more crucial parts of the PCB are assembled by the manufacturer and send to the client. He then puts all the pieces together and develops the product. It is important to note here that the parts which the customer has to put together himself are normally very easy to be assembled. Now, there is also a type of turnkey PCB assembly called semi-turnkey PCB assembly in which the buyer also purchases some of the material and the PCB manufacturer doesn’t do everything on his own.

Where Turnkey Is Available And Why We Need It?

Turnkey PCB assembly is always utilized to reduce the transport costs. It is done so that maximum equipment can be fit in a smaller space so that space and weight cost of the shipping can be reduced. Now as we know that manufacturing cost for all the products in China is even lesser than half of the manufacturing price in U.S. Therefore, to provide maximum advantage and lesser expensive final products to users, some companies have manufacturing assemblies in China.

The Need of Turnkey PCB Assembly

China PCB fabrication and assembly is the most effective solution to the printed circuit board manufacturers. The PCB material and IC’s are send from the US to ensure the quality of products, the manufacturing is then done in china. PCB assembly in China is not only a cost-effective solution; it also enables the manufacturers to increase their quality, still within the less-cost solution. In PCB assembly industry, cost is the key factor. Low cost PCB assembly is the bread and butter of all modern electronic companies. The lesser the cost of PCB assembly, lesser will be the cost of an electronic device.

These days the cost of PCB design depends upon the size of the PCB, layers of the PCB, complexity, high speed and thermal characteristics. For simpler PCB’s most of the industry dealing is done is some dollars per unit area. Reducing the price without an effect on the quality attracts more customers. To reduce the cost of PCB assembly means reducing the cost of PCB components or reducing the number of components in an altogether smarter approach which depends on us.

Turnkey PCB assembly is a perfect answer to the problems of cost of production and shipping for most of the customer as it reduces the shipping and production costs sharply with the disadvantage that the client or buyer has to put some effort in.